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Portabello Mahogany Espresso

Shauna 1


Shauna 2

Light Teak Mahogany Driftwood

Traditional shauna
(From 80 oC - 110 oC)

Where health and relaxation meet. In the fast pace of today's world we all need a break from stress, tension and noise of everyday life. A shauna provides a private retreat right to a mini-vacation in your own home. As the Scandinavian ancestors knew centuries ago, the benefits of the shauna and the bathroom is despite many high heat.

A sauna will provide the perfect quiet retreat at the end of the day, or will complete your workout at the gym of your home. The warmth generated by the heat of the sauna, combined with the soft stream created by sprinkling water on the stones, offers the ultimate way to reduce stress and soothe muscle pains.

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