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Master Spas invented and installs our patented Eco PurĀ® Water Filtration System on every hot tub. Doing so allows us to assure you that the quality of the water is beyond all industry standards. And we do it by using the same multi-stage filtration techniques as Mother Nature.

The advantages of EcoPur filtration are many, and you can count on this process to help keep your water clean and clear.

And talk about efficiency. Every drop of water is
circulated through the system 10 times per hour while using a lot less power than a standard system. That means your Master Spas portable hot tub conserves both water and energy without skipping a beat of providing pure hydrothermal therapy and relaxation enjoyment.

Master Spas' Water Filtration
and Purification

Macro Pre Filter
The Macro Filtration stage uses a macro of coarse filter, similar to a natural gravel filter, to remove all large contaminants and debris that enter the filter area. This allows for higher flow rates through the filters and increases the life of the cartridge.

Eco Pur Polishing Filters
This additional stage of filtration helps to polish the water to a sparkle.

Our system uses a high output Corona Discharge Ozone generator to help ensure that any remaining bacteria or metals will be destroyed.

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