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The Arabic word "hamam" means "to warm". A bath in the mild warmth of the Hamam with soft lighting will warm your body and soul.

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Not just to cleanse the body, but to awaken the senses. The warm moisture of the soap foam with its gentle fragrances in contact with the body results in a natural feeling of the well-being.

Thanks to the intensive warmth of the steam bath, ones skin pores open and the heat penetrates deeply into the mussels. Removal of the dead skin stimulates the connective tissue. This is accomplished using an exfoliating glove made of goat hair ("Kese"). The treatment is performed on the Hamam-Bed and includes a warm water rinse from the built-in hand-held shower. This treatment opens the pores which improves perspiration and allows the skin to feel smoother after the treatment. After the exfoliation of dead skin cells, one can enjoy a foam soap Hamam-Massage. After the massage the hand held shower can be used to rinse away the soap.

The features of the Thermarium Hamam Bed follow:
• heated oil-resistant surface, available in many different colours
• individual surface design
• adjustable thermostatic control for the hand-held shower
• evacuation outlet that goes to the drain system
• automatic soap foam production for the soap massage using a push-button system

Traditional steam bath

Cabin temperature of 40°C with 100 % humidity

The traditional steam bath gives an alternative effect. A fine sea salt mist is defused in the cabin, added to this are pure essences from eucalyptus or mint. This treatment allows for a comprehensive cleaning and peeling effect for the body while inhaling aromas. The warm rays defused in the cabin develop a high pressure, this is called bio climate, which allows one to have "by the sea" experience.

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